5G 5G Revolution, Not Evolution

Published on September 18th, 2017 | by SS8 Marketing

Webinar – 5G Revolution, Not Evolution

If you follow the mobile technology space, you know that 5G is coming. The fifth generation of mobile network technologies, or 5G, is being rolled out for commercial launch in 2018, with trials already underway around the world. 

One might ask why do we need 5G when it seems like we just moved to 4G? Answer – technologies such as, Internet of Things, autonomous vehicles, augmented reality and shifts in how we consume media are coming at us at breakneck speed and this is stretching existing networks beyond their design and capacity.

With 5G comes a new set of challenges for service providers looking to comply with regulations and for agencies receiving and analyzing this information.

Please join Kevin McTiernan from SS8 Networks iour upcoming webinar5G Revolution, Not Evolution. He will discuss what 5G brings in terms of new capabilities and challenges along with a 5G case study. 

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