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Published on August 31st, 2017 | by SS8 Marketing

SC Media Awards SS8’s Cemal Dikmen

We know our people are great at SS8, but it’s even better when a major cybersecurity media outlet takes notice. This is the case with SC media, which has just named our own Cemal Dikmen as a winner of the 2017 Reboot Leadership award.

SC Media (or SC Magazine) is a leading publisher in cybersecurity. The property focuses on sharing industry expert guidance and insight, in-depth features, timely news, and independent product reviews.

Driving Network Intelligence Innovations for Cyber Security

We are proud of Cemal for winning this award based on his significant technical contributions to the security industry. According to the SC Media award profile, “Cemal Dikmen knows that intelligence is the key to keeping an organization safe from hackers and has spent a considerable amount of time and effort developing the tools needed to do this job.”

The award profile goes on to highlight that “Dikmen joined SS8 in April 2002, after spending time in the telecommunications industry, and has since been the driving force behind several technological innovations centered on gathering information, many of which are now being used by several national-level intelligence agencies.”

SC Media staff continued, “These advances include the ability to extract previously inaccessible levels of security intelligence from massive volumes network traffic at scale and then this information can be fed into his patented inventions that decode communications flows at gigabit speeds and perform deep packet inspection to gather application level intelligence like To/From information and attachment details in email traffic.”

Protecting Companies and National Security

According to John Campagna, president of Chenega Corporation, an SS8 partner, “By focusing on the network and developing innovations that allow companies and governments to ‘see’ deeper into packets than ever possible before, Cemal has provided the industry new ways to extract the intelligence needed to detect and respond to breaches before it’s too late.

Campagna adds, “His contributions are making our critical infrastructures safer, helping companies discover and prevent damages associated with data breaches, and providing the intelligence needed to maintain our national security.”

Congratulations Cemal!


Tony Thompson is VP and general manager of threat detection for SS8 Networks

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