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Published on February 13th, 2013 | by admin

The Power of Location Data and Visualizations

I ran into Esri at AFCEA TechNet Europe last month and was reminded of just how powerful mapping tools can be in anything from power outages during Hurricane Sandy to IED explosions in warzones.

Enabling visualizations of the locations of communications is no less useful and powerful.  Location visualizations—like cutting the data through timeline analysis, heatmapping, and other constructs—can reveal patterns in your data which would not otherwise be obvious to the analyst.

Imagine being able to geofence an area of interest or frequent use by a particular criminal group. Such geofencing on location can then trigger an alert to an analyst whenever a particular set of criminals traverses the area. These triggers could also indicate when a particular operation is underway.

Or imagine geofencing an area where you have agents on the ground doing surveillance. Having the ability to alert them when their target has entered their zone would be invaluable.

I’m looking forward to Intellego’s integration of ESRI ArcGIS to fully harness the power of features such as geofencing locations of interest based on intercept and other sources of location information. Stay tuned for more information about this important new partnership.

For more information on ESRI and ArcGIS, please visit

Pamela Warren

Director, Intelligence Solutions, SS8

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