Cyber Security the Future of Incident Response - Webinar

Published on October 12th, 2016 | by Tony Thompson

Upcoming Webinar: The Future of Incident Response

Improving Enterprise Incident Response

What happens when you combine increasingly effective adversaries, data dispersing to the cloud, and a significant lack of skilled security practitioners? More breaches, and more problems. We’ve found ourselves in the middle of a security renaissance where there are a plethora of security tools, but unfortunately they still aren’t able to do enough to stop breaches from happening on monumental levels. (It’s like the more security tools we come across, the more breaches we see!)

Despite having access to a bigger budget and better tools than ever before, the underlying way enterprises respond to these incidents must evolve with the times. But what does that mean, exactly? Join Mike Rothman, Analyst & President at Securosis, and Faizel Lakhani, COO & President at SS8, as they discuss the growing trends in today’s cyber attacks and incident response.

They will cover three main areas:

  • There are two main things to consider when attempting to collect the traffic that flows across an enterprise network:
    • The scale at which organizations send traffic across their networks
    • The impact of BYOD and Cloud Architecture disrupting traditional methods of traffic capture
  • Once you have the data, you can leverage rapidly evolving techniques to analyze traffic behavior and quickly spot anomalies in your network.
  • What role will service providers play in the future of incident response? And how will these organizations work with cloud providers who host much of the data? This section will detail how organizations can ensure proper governance of the incident response process.

Reserve your spot today to learn what you can do now to ensure your organization is ready for the changes already in motion, and how network visibility plays a crucial role in accelerating breach and incident response.

Got plans that day? No problem! You can still register to receive an on-demand copy of the webinar to view at your leisure.

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