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Published on June 30th, 2016 | by Tony Thompson

Every Day is Black Friday for Hackers Targeting Retail, Hospitality

Data breaches are continuing to occur among top retail and hospitality businesses, and there is no sign of this slowing down.

In hospitality in particular, the Hard Rock Las Vegas was the latest publicized data breach, but they are not alone, and certainly not the last. The Rosen Hotels breach was disclosed back in March, and the Hyatt breach before that. But why?

Lack of Network Visibility Contributing to Breaches

Outdated infrastructure and a heavy reliance on traditional preventative security measures, such as firewalls, is mostly to blame. Along with the existing in-memory point-of-sale (POS) exploits, attackers can take advantage of unsecured ports and databases in property management systems (PMS), unpatched servers and workstations, pay TV streaming services, and outdated enterprise phone systems – all potential points of compromise that rely on the network.

If you rewind and look at the retail and hospitality breaches that have impacted top retailers and hotel groups, the lack of visibility on the network is the common denominator. The threats today are easily slipping past the firewall, and the fastest way to find the data breaches being missed is to look inside the network communications.

SS8 is rallying around the retail and hospitality industry to help them detect the data breaches slipping past the firewall. To do this, we are providing retailers and hotel groups with a 2-week risk assessment that will provide them with a fast and easy way to identify any previously unknown data breaches that may still be active on the network.

Get a 2-Week Risk Assessment

Visit our website to see a sample of our data breach Risk Assessment and start identifying risks on your network.

By deploying an SS8 BreachDetect lightweight sensor passively on the network, retailers and hotel groups will immediately gain high-definition visibility into network communication flows, including critical application-layer intelligence that is necessary for pinpointing a compromised device-of-interest.

The level of visibility that SS8 provides eliminates any network obfuscation and “dwell time” after a threat has become weaponized. We’ll provide any interested retailer with a simple step-by-step Risk Assessment deployment guide and checklist to get them up and running quickly, and within two weeks, provide a custom Risk Report. It’s that easy.

Our investigation-grade network communications analytics helps enterprises quickly and easily identify a compromised device-of-interest. SS8 generates and stores months, and even years, of enriched High-Definition Records (HDRs) from all communications, which are analyzed in real-time against past, current, and future network activity to find unidentified breaches.

If you’re a security or IT leader in retail or hospitality, be prepared to be surprised by what you’ll find.

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