Published on August 6th, 2015 | by admin

Rapid Remediation: Actionable Insight, Analysis, and Visualization for the Enterprise


SS8 Enterprise is a technology solution that allows companies to rapidly remediate post-attack. Through efficient metadata storage and threat feed ingestion, security teams can go back in time to analyze the full duration of breach activity on a network.

Our solution was designed with three agreements in mind:

  • Hackers get onto enterprise networks through social engineering tactics, such as spear phishing schemes and targeted malware.
  • Preventive tools chase attacks. Even with the finest perimeter tools, compromises are still happening.
  • Attacks are customized and targeted. Sandboxing and solutions that rely on definitions will not catch all vectors.

By starting with the assertion that your network is compromised, we provide enriched metadata and investigative workflows that allow your company to reduce the time from breach to discovery.

Learn more about SS8 Enterprise by downloading our solution brief Rapid Remediation: Actionable insight, analysis, and visualization for the Enterprise.

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