Gone Phishing Extension Appending Attack

Avoiding Extension-Appending Attacks

Published on June 1st, 2017 | by Akshay Nayak

Let’s commence our Gone Phishing series by looking at the first technique – the Extension-Appending Attack. This phishing technique involves an attacker chaining together different types of file extensions. In most cases, this chain starts with... Read More


Looking back at WannaCry

Published on May 19th, 2017 | by Vatsal Desai

The ransomware widely known as ‘WannaCry’ made headlines last week after its global spread, notably shutting down healthcare systems across the United Kingdom. Our researchers have taken a look at the infection, and now share their... Read More


Breach of the Month — April 2017

Published on May 9th, 2017 | by Vatsal Desai

Every Friday the SS8 Twitter feed features a notable breach, leak, or hack as our pick for the SS8 #breachoftheweek. At the end of every month, our engineers take a look at each of these ‘finalists’... Read More


Gone Phishing

Published on May 4th, 2017 | by Akshay Nayak

The cyber war currently being waged by ethical hackers and cyber criminals on multiple fronts — encompassing computer, network, and software vulnerabilities — tends to lean in either direction depending on who’s having a bad day.... Read More


The Risky Business of Network Ports

Network Ports can be Risky Business

Published on April 19th, 2017 | by Vatsal Desai

Network ports are entry points into your system, and understanding network infrastructure and hosted services helps to determine the ports that are expected to be open on the network. Any listening port that is unexpectedly open... Read More


Taking OpenCandy from a Baby

Taking OpenCandy from a Baby

Published on April 13th, 2017 | by Joel Roy

It’s always amazing to see what we uncover during an SS8 BreachDetect risk assessment. BreachDetect was recently deployed in a customer’s environment to analyze network traffic, detect previously unknown threats and pinpoint any compromised devices-of-interest. What did SS8... Read More


Breach of the Month — March 2017

Published on April 4th, 2017 | by Vatsal Desai

If you follow the SS8 Twitter feed, you’ll know that every Friday we select a notable breach, leak, or hack as our pick for the SS8 #breachoftheweek. But we also select from these ‘finalists’ to choose... Read More

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