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INTERVIEW: SS8 VP Vineet Sachdev on RCS & Impact on Lawful Interception & Analysis

I sat down with Vineet Sachdev, SS8’s VP of Solutions, to discuss his upcoming webinar RCS: Enabling New Services & Lawful Interception Implications. Vineet has a rich background and experience in understanding the impact of new technologies and applications (such as LTE, VoLTE and RCS) on lawful interception & analysis. He has been a leader in understanding how RCS and OTT apps benefit and challenge both service providers and consumers, and will be e-presenting next Thursday, October 24th at 7am PDT. Register here.

If the acronyms RCS and OTT sound unfamiliar to you, I’ll explain. RCS stands for Rich Communications Services. And at its most basic level, it’s a bit of a game plan for service providers to compete with OTT applications. OTT apps aren’t necessarily the bad guys here, but what they’ve done is expanded the opportunity for mobile users to communicate “over the top” of their standard contracts.

Vineet dives deeper into this topic below, and gives us a brief preview of RCS: Enabling New Services & Lawful Interception Implications.

BA: What is RCS, and why is it so important?
VS: RCS is a standards-based global initiative to deploy rich services in a rapid and cost-effective manner. When we use text messaging, we pay service providers and provide them a revenue stream. OTT apps cut off this revenue stream, meaning service providers have to come up with a plan to counter this threat. RCS will do just that.

BA: What is the most significant change service providers can expect from RCS?
There are several benefits. One, RCS allows service providers to stay relevant in the marketplace by offering enhanced and rich services. Secondly, RCS will be rolled out on an IMS instead of a SS7 based infrastructure. This dramatically reduces CAPEX and OPEX to deploy even simple SMS-like application. And finally, RCS will lead to better subscriber/customer retention.

BA: Where does law enforcement and government fit into all this?
Most countries have government regulations in place that allow appropriate government agencies to lawfully monitor the communication application for suspicious activities. As RCS infrastructure allows new services to be offered to the end users, Law enforcement will have to be prepared to reconstruct and analyze this activity, or they can’t keep up.

BA: What are some of the challenges you’ll address in your upcoming webinar?
I’ll address the challenges of OTT, as well as some of the challenges LEA and service providers will face to meet the requirements of lawful interception on RCS services.

BA: Who should attend and why?
Service providers will benefit from learning more about RCS, as well as OTT apps. LEA and government officials, as well.

To register for RCS: Enabling New Services & Lawful Interception Implications, please click here. To learn more about SS8 products and solutions, please visit

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