Published on March 6th, 2017 | by Tony Thompson

Forrester’s Vendor Landscape: Security Analytics Report Shows Security Logs Aren’t Enough

According to Forrester’s most recent Vendor Landscape: Security Analytics (SA) report, “SA solutions promise to detect cyber threats and enable security teams to respond before they cause a data breach.” As outside threats continue to evolve, it’s no longer enough for Security Information Management tools to simply log events — increasing pressure on enterprise security environments demands that vendors provide insight into what’s happening inside the network.

Anyone following the news will no doubt have noticed high-profile data leaks hitting the headlines daily, exposing everything from compromised healthcare records to online dating info. The fact that so many breaches are continuing to occur — with pace of these compromises seeming to increase as time goes on — highlights the fact that old-school, rules-based SIEM tools are no longer up to the task, and that more advanced data science is needed to pinpoint today’s advanced threats. Recent studies indicate that the lag time before a breach is discovered can be months or years, and that reducing the time from compromise to detection is essential to minimizing not only the financial repercussions of a cyber attack, but also the hit to an enterprise’s reputation.

SS8 BreachDetect is a standalone security analytics and network breach detection platform that analyzes and decodes network traffic and protocols, generating High-Definition Records (HDRs), to enable a security analyst to find the threats that matter most in the least amount of time.

Get your free copy of the Forrester Vendor Landscape: Security Analytics (SA) report, and read for yourself how rule-based solutions like SIEMs impede investigation time. Next take a look at the details of SS8’s network breach detection platform, and discover how the our “time machine” model for breach detection enables security analysts to find the threats that matter most quickly and accurately.

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