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Published on February 26th, 2015 | by admin

Cyber Security: The Corporate World’s Expectations for 2015

The headlines in 2014 were all about information and security breaches. Understandably, the group most affected, corporations, are looking to stay as far ahead of hackers as they can in 2015. Let’s take a look at the expectations the corporate world holds for the coming year according to expert predictions.

Cyber security and privacy issues have always been a hot topic, but at the start of 2015, the temperature was particularly high. More than ever, the recent high-profile, aggressive cyberattacks have captured international attention and concern regarding data encryption and privacy protection. These attention-grabbing happenings seem to be particular to the corporate world, where data is huge, extremely confidential, and of utmost financial importance.

2014’s worst cyberattacks were publicized at the end of the year, one of which was the highly-debated and controversial Sony Pictures data leakage, plotted by a group of hackers calling themselves the “Guardians of Peace.” They claim to have hacked some 100TB of data based on employee information (around 50,000 social security numbers, as reported). This attack was so public it appeared in the media headlines and became celebrity gossip, which was an alarming sign for the others. Although investigations are still underway, the actual identity of the hacker group is still unclear. North Korea stands accused of the attack, though they have refused to take responsibility.

It’s worth noting that we will likely see a 2015 filled with more headlines announcing security breaches, along with a rise in hacking. Why?

It cannot be denied that privacy and data security are the topmost priority of individuals, governments, and the entire corporate world.

The cyber security battlegrounds of 2015 are cloud services, where IaaS and cloud-based businesses must compete in terms of managing and defending their data, while maintaining a culture of innovation and timeliness in delivering their services to customers. Failure to maintain viable data defense, access control, and depth of productivity acceleration, would constrain cloud businesses into services segments that exclude their customers’ most important data.

Meanwhile, security software is making its way into the cloud. Experts say that corporate world takes a great interest in using security software as a service (SaaS), investing a huge share of their cyber security budget on it. It is predicted that by the end of the current year, 15 percent of all cyber security would be provided via SaaS, while by 2018, the percentage is likely to exceed 33 percent.

One thing is certain: firewalls and anti-viruses software installment on end points are not enough for the corporate world to defend their networks. They need a new approach.

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